Redcliffe Medical Contact

Lalit (Kumar) Verma, CEO of Redcliffe Medical Devices, is associated with numerous corporate entities, several of which subject to court action and government investigations. [See corporate scheme]

Leaf Healthcare (registered as Redcliffe Medical Devices, Inc., dba Leaf Wellness LLC, DE 5/4/2020) was incorporated in Michigan on 4/22/2020. Corporate ID: 8024 39645. Official Address: 3000 Town Center, Suite 1550, Southfield, MI, 48075.

You may obtain more details through the website of the Michigan Secretary of State, Corporation Search:

Attorney listed as Redcliffe’s Corporate Counsel: Mr. Frank Kerr, 101 W. Big Beaver Rd., 14th Floor, Troy, MI 48084. Phone: (248) 336-0300. Email:


Telegram: @leafwellness

Notice: Trademark Confusion

Redcliffe Medical Devices, ( –MI, 2020) trades its goods under a domain name that includes the trademark of a prominent preexisting company, Leaf Healthcare Inc. (, currently, CA, 2011). Leaf Healthcare, CA, is a patient-monitoring device company owned by the global medical group Smith+Nephew. This issue has led many consumers to be confused as to the actual source of Leaf masks.

See also: Redcliffe’s Corp Scheme

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