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Unauthorized marketing and distribution of masks claiming to provide “N99 protection against Covid-19”?

AS OF 1-27-2021 ALL LEAF CONSUMERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN LOSTLEAFBACKERS FOR UPDATES ON THE LAWSUIT. The current pandemic has given rise to fraudulent activity concerning “masks” marketed as personal protection equipment (PPE). This note highlights an Indiegogo campaign by Redcliffe Medical Devices, Inc., marketing transparent facemasks as providing “uncompromising protection against Covid-19.” Since 2014,Continue reading “Unauthorized marketing and distribution of masks claiming to provide “N99 protection against Covid-19”?”

Redcliffe’s Intricate Corp Scheme

AS OF 1-27-2021 ALL LEAF CONSUMERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN LOSTLEAFBACKERS FOR UPDATES ON THE LAWSUIT. Redcliffe Life Sciences Redcliffe Life Sciences: Crysta, Oncocliffe, Genetic Disorders https://www.redcliffels.com/   India H55, 3rd Floor, Sector 63 Electronic City, Noida 201301   United States 802305779 3864 Wabeek Drive Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302     Redcliffe Capital (India, London)Continue reading “Redcliffe’s Intricate Corp Scheme”

Redcliffe Medical Contact

Lalit (Kumar) Verma, CEO of Redcliffe Medical Devices, is associated with numerous corporate entities, several of which subject to court action and government investigations. [See corporate scheme] Leaf Healthcare (registered as Redcliffe Medical Devices, Inc., dba Leaf Wellness LLC, DE 5/4/2020) was incorporated in Michigan on 4/22/2020. Corporate ID: 8024 39645. Official Address: 3000 TownContinue reading “Redcliffe Medical Contact”


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33 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi,

    Found this article and class action in regard to the overdue and or non-delivered Leaf PRO Masks. Have sent you an email (sphi.ayres@gmail.com). Placed my Order (10974) in Feb and have as yet received no comment from them either than a few generic replies from their Chat facility.

    Hope you can help and this is almost 6-months now. The Pandemic will almost be done with by the time i get the mask – if i get it at all now.

    Appreciate you assistance.


  2. Hi, also did not get my pro mask and additional parts (filters, UV station). Is it still possible join the lawsuit? And is it necessary to be American or live in the US? Thanks.


  3. No emails, no communication, no delivery, no mask.

    Contribution ID: 23503
    Contribution Date: July 13, 2020
    Selected Perk: Leaf PRO pack – $199 USD


  4. I got a package from them over four months after ordering…it was packaged in a partial box, was in pieces (filters on the site were popped out and just two empty holes on either side of the ‘mask’ only two out of three extra filters it was supposed to come with. I requested a refund but was just given the runaround. Was told I had to pay to ship the mask back so it could be ‘inspected’. I already wasted $100, I wasn’t going to through more money their way- they should have provided free return shipping- HONEST companies usually do. I have tried contacting the ‘customer service’ but never really got in touch with anyone.


  5. Did anyone else just get the email from Leaf about identifying lost backer shipments? Should I respond to it even if I’m included in the class action?


    1. Not sure why Redcliffe would want that. Isn’t a business required by law to keep adequate records of their open orders (CPA: “liabilities”)?


  6. There is absolutely NO way this thing provides any protection. There is no way to get a good seal on the face. It is incredibly uncomfortable and there is no way I could wear this thing for any period of time. I have an envo mask which is a million times better and actually provides protection.

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  7. Numerous complaints and have gotten BS responses each time about other obligations blah blah blah. . It’s very clear we will never see our masks.
    I would be very interested in any class action lawsuit that is initiated. I have no idea how that process works.

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    1. You can send me an email (sphi.ayres@gmail.com) and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and add you to the list of participants.


    2. You can send me an email (sphi.ayres@gmail.com) and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and add you to the list of participants.


  8. have nothing – could not even fill out the forms they sent. Have asked for help and complained multiple times – they don’t even bother to respond.

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    1. Literally gave up on them. Leaf never responded to me after getting paid. The masks never made it to me. It was literally like setting a couple hundred dollars on fire. Same result.


  9. I got mine without complaining, but I would like to help fight this scam any way I can. It could kill people. I complained to the FTC already. Are their plans to notify the FDA?

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  10. I finally got my mask. From what I’ve read, it seems they are not shipping masks to backers unless we complain! WTF? I emailed them complaining that orders from their website were being filled while we still did not have ours. They said to email them at “backers@leaf.healthcare” but that came from “support4backers@leaf.healthcare”. So I sent emails to both and 2 days later got a notice that my mask had been shipped. It still took a few days to show up in tracking, but I finally got it.


    1. Yeah, a few folks are getting the illegal product, the majority are definitely not; and many e-consumers are also not receiving them. This is a generic mask being sold as an N99/N100, thus in violation of US laws. Redcliffe doesn’t respond to emails, it seems that you just “lucked out” to get your cheap silicone cup in the mail.


  11. Suggest all you backers out there who did not receive masks you should go to the BBB and file complaint and a scam alert – so far there are no complaints listed for Redcliffe Medical Devices, Inc. of Southfield Michigan. You can file a complaint and report misleading advertising and a scam. bbb.org
    Better Biz Bureau leverage can help alert others. They are still taking orders which is shameful.

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    1. Hey Eric, BBB is pretty worthless / toothless for complaints as they have zero enforcement . all they an do is keep a record of how many complaints they have on file. You want to file your complaint with the Attorney General’s office IN THE STATE they are headquartered in. Also the Division of Consumer Affairs in their state. At the federal level DOJ and FTC have complaint websites you can efile a complaint.


  12. HOW TO GET A REFUND? BE A PITA. I kept commenting their comments thread daily asking for them to post a simple pic of the stacks and stacks of boxes being shipped – anything that showed good faith that they were actually manufacturing thousands of these things. If you look at all their ‘updates’ it’s all pics of little more than samples or one off’s – nothing that supports they they actually had a production line set up (this was a month ago , I cant speak for now) They apparently got so sick of deleting my posts they refunded me in full – because that’s the only way to shut you up. YMMV but it’s worked for me a couple times. May the Force be with you! D.L

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